2003-05-30/11:10 a.m.

So here I am, alone for the moment, so I figured I should come on here and say SOMETHING.



Lets see, how about some money woes...those are always a good place to start, especially around the end of the month. We may JUST make rent. Maybe. Okay, we WILL make rent, but it may take some drastic measures. We're definitely going to have to take back my new Bob Ross shirt to Hot Topic, and a book I bought back to Barnes and Noble. Then I'm probably going to have to sell some of our stuff. The first to go will be all my Playstation 2 games, considering my PS2 is still broke and will only play PS1 games. Sure, they told me I could send it in and get it fixed for free, but did I ever do that? Hell no. So those will be the easiest sacrifice. Once we start getting into the DVDs, however...ugh.

Next time we have a spending spree on our second-to-last check of the month, someone kindly shoot us.


Punky's sister gets me. She's 12, with a foul mouth and a prescient for, shall we say, unpolitically correct jokes. She reminds me of myself at that age, spending my allowance on Truly Tasteless Joke Books.

We were all sitting on Punky's back porch the other day and she was telling us all her jokes, so a few as well. Punky's sis pointed at me after one and said, "I like this kid."

Punky said, "Kid? He's 26!"

She replies, "So?"

See? She recognizes that I'm still a kid.

She definitely gets me.


I impressed the security guard at The Lion's Den.

That's all I'm going to say about that.


I finally finished a short story. This is literally the first piece of fiction I�ve completed since my last creative writing class, coming up on 4 years ago. Unfortunately, it�s stupid and it basically sucks, but at least it�s a step in the right direction. I should probably go through and tighten it up, even though I have no illusions that it would ever sell. It�s just a (hopefully) fun little read.


Okay, enough of this, I�m going to go tinker with the story until Punky calls, then we�re all going to go out, get our checks, and start scrimping together some rent money. Wish us luck. Possibly more on these adventures later tonight.


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